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A Healthy Food Stockpile … For Half The Price

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    Stockpiling a year’s worth of food is never cheap, but doing it with healthy food? That can break the bank.

    Author and prepping expert Daisy Luther, though, says it doesn’t have to be that way. Daisy has discovered a few tricks that can help you store a year’s worth of food for half what you normally pay.

    Daisy is this week’s guest on Off The Grid Radio. She tells us:

    • Which healthy foods you should stockpile.
    • Where you should store it.
    • Why it’s essential to put healthy food in your stockpile.
    • How a year’s worth of food can be purchased inexpensively in only three months.

    Finally, Daisy reveals the ever-so-popular prepper food she urges people not to stockpile!

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