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A Unique Hobbit Tiny Cabin in Norway

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    Imagine for a moment a gorgeous tiny cabin, situated beneath a mound of earth and blanketed in green grasses and flowers. Wood-framed windows gaze out to picturesque woods where seasons fluctuate from warm, green summers to subzero snowy landscapes. Kind of sounds like something dreamt up by Tolkien, right?

    Hobbit tiny cabin
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    This tiny cabin, nestled in the woods of Norway, fits that image perfectly. The little Hobbit-style home contains a bathroom, kitchen, and enough cozy living space for two people. It is an exceptional getaway for city dwellers seeking a taste of off grid cabin living.

    Located near Hallingskarvet National Park, this home’s surroundings are unique and beautiful. In addition to the quick access to hiking and skiing areas, it is only an hour away from the Norwegian fjords.

    Hobbit tiny cabin

    Stepping inside the Hobbit home is akin to stepping back in time into an 1800s-era homesteader’s cabin. Exposed timber framing and wood-clad walls provide the backdrop to plush and comfortable seating and sleeping areas.

    Hobbit tiny cabin

    Hobbit tiny cabin

    This area of Norway is well known for outdoor recreation, so the cabin sits within easy access to hiking trails, fishing areas, and ski slopes. A wood stove supplies ample heat to cozy up the place after inhabitants enjoy a long day of playing in the snow.

    Hobbit tiny cabin

    A small but functional candlelit kitchen provides necessities for meal preparation with shelving, countertop space, a stove, and a sink. The heated tile floor supplies additional warmth to the cabin when needed.

    Hobbit tiny cabin

    This little Hobbit cabin boasts plenty of privacy in the pines, yet resides in close proximity to the area’s many recreational attractions, including a water park. The area is dotted with similarly beautiful living roof cabins, as you can see in the photo below.

    Hobbit tiny cabin

    If you’re interested in visiting this home or just want to read more about it, see the listing on Airbnb – Unique Hobbit Cabin. Homes built into the earth like this are impressively energy efficient. This one is certainly an inspiring example of a unique, sustainable tiny cabin!

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    Tiny Hobbit cabin

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