9 Best Portable Solar Generators | Ultimate Review Guide for 2020

Renewable sources of energy like solar energy are gaining more and more impetus. All over the world, individuals, as well as governments, are inclining the energy needs toward solar energy to reduce the carbon footprint.

These days, with the help of a portable solar generator, you can efficiently harness and utilize solar power.

With that, when you’re planning on the harnessing the power of solar energy, it is crucial to pick the right solar generator. The solar generator will help you harness and utilize that energy.

We will go into the details of portable solar generators below to help you understand how they work and how you can pick the right one.

First What is a solar generator?

A solar generator consists of solar panels to harness the sunlight to produce electricity. The electricity generated is stored in batteries to power appliances by connecting them with an inverter.

The entire assembly consists of 3 components and is cumulatively known as a solar generator.

It is capable of powering devices and being used as an emergency source of power. Since the entire assembly is compact and portable, most of the solar generators are portable.

How does a portable solar generator work?

Now that you know the basics and working of the portable solar generator let us go into the details to help you understand how you can use it.

The primary element of the portable solar generator assembly is the solar panels. The solar generator is connected to panels to generate electricity. The power which is produced by the solar panels is DC. The AC output is needed. The circuitry which converts DC power into AC power is known as an inverter and is a part of the solar generator.

The output of the inverter can connect with the devices or a battery. The battery stores the power until you need to use it. The output of the generator battery can be connected to the appliances or devices directly. Once the output port of this battery gets combined with the equipment, it will work like a regular battery.

It can power your device as per the amount of energy stored. Thus, the working of the portable solar generator is simple and easy to understand.

What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of a portable solar generator?

The main benefit of the portable solar generator is that you can use it as a power source on the go. When you’re heading outdoors for camping, trekking, picnic, you can take it along with you. You will now have a portable source of power which can charge your devices and also help you in times of emergencies.

The capability to draw energy from solar panels is the main benefit of the solar power generator.


The advantages of solar power generators include:

• Portability

• Renewable power

• Ability to store the energy in the batteries

• Easy to power your devices and gadgets

• Easy to use


There are a few disadvantages of solar power generators as well. These include:

• Limited power storage capability

• Gets affected by elements of weather

When looking to buy a solar power generator, it is essential to look at these advantages and disadvantages and then take a call.

Do solar powered generators work?

Yes, solar powered generators work. They help you to charge your gadgets and power various appliances without any problem. However, if you’re looking for a generator for heavy duty application like powering your home, the solar-powered generators are not the best choice. Additionally, they are useful for a wide variety of purposes like:

• DIY projects

• Backyard man caves

• Camping

• Trekking

• Tailgate parties

• Emergency Situations

• Survival projects

• And much more

Thus, they indeed are pretty useful when you use them for the right application.

What is a solar generator kit

A solar generator kit includes a generator that can be linked and powered with a solar panel and includes both the solar panel and the generator. We have listed a few options of these kits below in our review guide.

How much does a solar powered generator cost?

The solar power generator is priced depending on the amount of power which it can produce and the specifications of the batteries which it incorporates. Generally speaking, it ranges between $ 200 -$ 2000. You should prefer the ones that can generate a significant amount of power and can store it as well.

Now that you’re up to speed with these types of generators I want to share with you…

The Best Portable Solar Generator 2020 Review Guide

The list below has been compiled of with utmost care to include only the best portable solar generators.

1. MAXOAK 1000 Watt BLUETTI EB240 Portable Solar Generator

maxoak 2400 watt bluetti eb240 portable solar generator

The first option on our list can not only power your smaller appliances like smartphones and other gadgets but even the bigger ones like freezers, medical devices, lights in your home, electric blankets, slow cookers, small TVs among others. When you’re looking for a power source which can supplement the grid, you can consider this generator.

In times of emergency, it can even replace the electricity grid. You can gain access to electricity in emergencies with this portable solar generator. It has 1000 W of renewable power consistently. It offers AC output, DC output, and USB output ports. Connectivity is not an issue at all. With the help of the digital display, you can know the status of the battery in a single glance. It will allow you to understand how many more devices you can charge from it.

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It comes along with the solar panels which will allow you to generate power consistently. The best thing is that it comes along with a wide variety of bonuses like a 25-foot extension cord, blackout response guide, and others. The compact size ensures that it is easy to carry/move. Thus, when looking for a complete package rather than just a small power source, you can go with this one.


• Digital display

• Comes along with accessories

• Can generate 1000 W of power consistently

• Can power heavy duty devices

• Can be used in emergencies

• Comes along with solar panels

• Includes plenty of bonus guides

• Plenty of output ports

• Portable

2. CHAFON 200Wh Portable Generator

chafon 200wh generator

The generator which we are speaking about now has an output power rating of 250 W. It has 4 DC outlets and 4 USB output charging ports. You can directly connect it with the solar panels, or you can even connect it with the car input charging port. It also consists of a light indicator which allows you to know when it is charging.

With the help of 200 WH lithium-ion batteries, you will be able to store the charge.

It can power a mini fridge, fans, TVs, laptops, power banks, smartphones, and various other gadgets. It incorporates multiple safety mechanisms like short circuit protection, overload protection, overcurrent protection. It comes along with the solar charger-connector, AC charging cable, car charging cable, AC adapter.

Thus, all the accessories which you might need to operate come with this one.


• Consist of 4 DC outputs

• Includes 4 USB outputs

• Incorporates an LED indicator

• 200 WH lithium battery

• Easy to power various devices

• Comes along with accessories

• Incorporates various safety measures

3. Aeiusny Solar Panel Foldable 60W Portable Solar Charger

Aeiusny Generator

The solar generator which we are speaking about now has 3 USB ports to charge your devices. It can provide 200 WH of power. It also consists of a battery indicator which can let you know the amount of charge left. It consists of 2 AC output outlets as well.

It also includes a quick charging USB port. Thus, whether you want to connect any equipment or devices like laptops, cameras, drones you can join them quite easily.

It also consists of a 12V cigarette lighter. It can power such lighter for at least 6 hours. When you look at the weight of the solar Charger, it weighs just 4.7 lbs. As a result, you can carry it around without any problem. You can connect it with the various solar panels quite easily.

It is scalable which allows you to use the solar panels precisely as per your requirement. All the above features make it a pretty good choice when looking for a portable solar generator.


• 200 WH power capacity

• Consist of USB ports

• Consist of AC outputs

• Offers a 12V cigarette lighter

• Weighs only 4.7 lbs

• Portable

4. Jackery Portable Solar Generator

Jackery Portable Generator

The Jackery Portable Solar Generator can provide you power up to 240 WH. It consists of a lithium battery which allows you to store the energy. You can connect your devices to the USB ports available. There are also the AC ports which you can use to charge your devices. It can allow you to charge up to 18 smartphones in a single charge.

There is a battery indicator which instantly lets you know how much battery is left. With the weight of just 6.6 lbs, you can move it around without any problem. It is noise free and vibration free in operation. You can quickly charge it with the help of any solar panels.

There is an input port on offer which makes it easier for you to connect it with any solar panel. Along with that, you also get a 9.5 feet cord, AC adapter, car charger, and the user guide. Thus, you get a complete package which allows you to use the solar generator without any delay easily.


• The power rating of 240 WH

• USB ports available

• Offers AC output

• Suitable for charging various devices

• Compact

• Consists of a battery indicator

• Easy to connect to any solar panel

5. Rockpals 300W Portable Generator

Rockpals 300W Portable Generator

The generator which we are speaking about now can provide you with the consistent output power of 300 W. It consists of 2 USB ports which provide you with an output current of 2.1 Amps. It also has a quick charge 3.0 USB port. You can not only charge your devices with the help of standard USB ports but also fast charge your devices if they support that.

It consists of a lithium battery with a power rating of 280 WH. It weighs 7.3 lbs which means that you can carry it around. It can even help you in powering laptop, TV, mini refrigerator and other such appliances with the help of AC output.

You can connect it with the solar panels of 50 W or 100 W. The entire battery pack will charge in just 8 hours which ensures that you can get plenty of power. Thus, when looking for a heavy-duty portable solar power generator, you can consider this option.


• Consist of lithium battery

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• Provides three output USB ports

• Provides AC output

• Easy to connect with solar panels

• Portable

• Can power heavy-duty appliances

6. SUAOKI 400Wh/120,000mAh Portable Generator

SUAOKI generator

When looking for a portable solar power generator which can provide you with high output, this one will fit into the requirements perfectly. It can provide you with 300 W of power consistently. It consists of 2 DC ports, 4 USB ports one cigarette lighter socket and one jumpstart port. As a result, you can use it for a variety of different applications without any problem at all. With the help of digital display, you can know the remaining charge.

You can even customize the screen with the help of the three buttons available. You can connect it to the solar power panels by following the instructions in the manual. The built-in handle ensures that you can move it around. With the various safety mechanisms like overcurrent protection, over temperature protection, you can be sure that it will last for a long time.

The battery management system in the generator is such that the discharge current is on the lower side which ensures that you do not consistently lose charge when not using it. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty generator, you can surely consider this option.


• Easy to connect to the solar panels

• Versatile

• Consists of an LCD screen

• Can provide an output power of 300 W consistently

• Portable

Monerator Gusto 10 Portable Generator

Monerator Gusto 10 generator

The main USP of the generator which we are speaking about now is that it is compact and lightweight. It weighs 5 lbs. Moreover, it comes along with a solar panel which ensures that you can use it right away without any delay. The power rating is 128 WH which makes sure that you can get an adequate amount of power without any problem.

It incorporates an inverter as well which allows you to get the AC output. On the output side, you have 3 USB ports and one AC output port. You can use a variety of devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets using output ports. With safety features like overcurrent protection, overheating protection, you can be sure that this portable generator is one of the most reliable generators which you can buy.


• Compact

• Lightweight

• Offers output USB and AC ports

• Various safety features incorporated

• Consists of an inverter

8. AIMTOM Portable Solar Generator

AIMTOM Portable Solar Generator

Portability is more of a concern as compared to the output power; you can consider this option. The output power rating is just 155 WH. However, it is perfect for tailgate parties and even home-based projects. It consists of 3 USB outputs along with a single AC output port.

It also offers 3 DC outputs. You can use a variety of devices with the help of these outputs. The lithium battery of 42,000 mAh allows you to store a significant amount of charge.

In spite of all of these features, the weight is just 3.48 lbs which means that you can carry it around quickly. The handle incorporated into the design allows you to move it around without any problem. It is effortless to connect it to any solar panel as per your requirement. When you’re searching for a small solar power generator, you should not miss this one.


• Multiple output ports

• Consists of lithium battery

• 155 WH power

• Portable

• Lightweight

9. Wegner Portable Solar Generator with Solar Panel

Wegner solar power generator

The solar generator which we are speaking about now comes along with the entire kit. It consists of pipes, solar panels as well. It consists of a replaceable and rechargeable battery which allows you to store the charge. The weight is 3.3 lbs which means that it is easy to carry. With a lifespan of 100,000 hours, you can be sure that it will last for an extended period.

It provides you with 2 USB output ports along with 4 AC output ports which allow you to connect a variety of different gadgets. Many accessories come along with this portable solar generator like solar fans, solar lights. You can easily use it to charge your smartphones, iPad, and USB fans.

It also comes along with the remote control which allows you to control the various functions of the solar power generator remotely. The combination of features discussed above, along with the compact size makes it a good option as compared to peers.


• Comes along with accessories

• Portable

• Consist of USB output ports and AC ports

• Comes along with the solar panel

• Lightweight

What is the best solar generator for home use? And the best whole house solar generator?

MAXOAK 1000 Watt BLUETTI EB240 Portable Solar Generator is the option which you should go with when looking for a solar power generator for home usage. It allows you to power not only your appliances but also some of the heavy-duty equipment like freezers, medical devices, and even electric blankets.

It will power up to 1000 continuous watts of power that will run pretty much any device you nee.

So, if you’re looking to use renewable energy at your home,  heading outdoors, or just need a dependable and reliable power source if you need remote electricity somewhere, then a solar power generator is your best choice.

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