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Dehydrated Food Storage {With Legacy Foods}

When you need food storage, like when camping for example, there are a lot of options available to you.

For camping you might buy a cooler to store your food in. However, you can take cooler upon cooler of fresh food, but if the ice melts your sustenance will be spoiled. You might also take homemade and store bought canned foods. The weight alone of all those jars and cans will make it hard to transport, but at least the food won’t spoil. Of course, you have to think about all the extras that go along with preparing or cooking your food. It would be ideal to avoid extra weight and extra space in your camper or tent.

Another option is dehydrated food.

This is the ultimate camping food for easy storage. Dehydrated food is simple to store, easy to prepare, and takes up very little space in a tent or on a shelf. Dehydrated food can be a delicious addition to your meals.

Legacy foods has some great dehydrated foods available that are easy to store and take camping with you.

From soups and pasta meals to all types of veggies and fruits, there is a wide variety of foods to choose from. We recently had the opportunity to try some of their products, and I really enjoyed them. And the best part is they are not only dehydrated, but some are freeze dried! LegacyFoods has chosen the best option for each food to maintain flavor and ease of use!

The pancake mix is something I would normally make for myself, but having it on hand in a pouch made it super easy for my teenage son to grab it and fix some for himself. All he needed to do was add was some water and pour the mixture onto a griddle. The pouch made just enough for his meal. However, the package did say it was 4 servings. But, they are obviously not 4 teenage boy servings. He did not share the pancakes, but he really loved the flavor and the fluffiness of the them so I can’t say that I blame him!

My favorite, the enchilada beans and rice, will change how you do taco night while camping. These were easy to make and only required 6 1/2 cups of water for the pouch. Bring to a boil, then add the packet of food and allow to cook. Easy peasy. My 12 year old was able to help make this dinner. The flavor was awesome, and we topped it with a bit of fresh tomatoes, shredded cheese, and fresh cilantro from the garden. Enchilada beans and rice really were our favorite of all the foods we tried.

All in all, I liked Legacy foods. They are tasty, easy to prepare, and the pouches are simple to store. However, there are a couple of things I didn’t like.

  1. Some of the foods are very high in sugar. For example, the oatmeal packet has 38 grams of sugar. That is for 4 servings. I would rather just make plain oatmeal and sweeten it with fresh honey.
  2. All the foods, like any other foods packaged for storage, have a lot of preservatives. While I would rather NOT consume a lot of preservatives, I do understand the necessity in them. I would plan on NOT surviving on these foods alone, either in an emergency situation or while camping. However, once in a while as a supplement, they are fine.

You can check out Legacy foods here, and see what they have to offer. Try a couple of their meals and plan to store some for emergencies or for your camping trip. Dehydrated food is going to be easy to make, leaving you with more time for more important things! Be sure to pin this for later!

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