Easy DIY Hinged HOOPHOUSE For Raised Bed -

Easy DIY Hinged HOOPHOUSE for Raised Bed

Here’s a DIY project by Christopher from Norway. He show us how to build a hinged hoophouse for a raised bed. It’s a simple and cheap build that gives your raised bed the little extra. He spent about $100 for materials, and takes about 3 hours.

Part list:

1,5×4 inch untreated wood
9 x 2 meter 16mm PVC pipes
Brackets for pvc pipes
Handle … available here…
Gas cylinder … available here…
Greenhouse Plastic Film … available here…
M12 bolts and nuts
Screws of different sizes

easy diy hinged hoophouse for raised bed

First I started off with the raised bed I made last year for my peppers. The box is about four meters long and one meter wide. It’s made with 1.5″ by 8″ untreated wood.

easy diy hinged hoophouse for raised bed 1

I started off by making the L-brackets for the pvc-pipes to go onto. Drilled a center hole and cut them to length.This post originally appeared on goodshomedesign.com See it here

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