Get Creative with Any One of These 100 Easy DIY Coaster Projects

There's nothing like a hot cup of coffee in the morning… Or maybe you're a green tea fan! Or, if you're like me you'll start your day with hot water, lemon and a dash of ginger!

You pour yourself that hot cup of coziness and bring it to your work desk so you can start your day. You look beside your computer and what do you see? Ugly horrible white heat marks! “Enough is enough!” you say. And that's the story of how you ended up here in this DIY coaster article! Am I right?

Well, right or wrong, you don't need a reason to want to DIY your own coasters! It's an awesome way to spend your weekend, to get your artistry skills going, or to pass time crafting with a friend! So below we have 100 chic DIY coaster projects for you to try!

1. Sharpie Painted

diy coaster

diy coaster

These beautiful hexagon coasters look professionally painted but really the average amateur can recreate these with just colored sharpies!

2. Vintage Maps

Turn an old vintage map into new and stylish handmade coasters with a cute rope border to finish it off.

3. Tart Tins

Reusing old items and transforming them into unique things are always guaranteed to be fun and rewarding!

4. Fabric Coasters

Do you have a beautiful fabric that you've been holding on to way too long and don't know what to do with it? Fabric coasters!

5. Decoupage Vintage Comics

Decoupage old comics into the coolest coasters around! These will make awesome gifts for the nerdy people in your life!

6. Wallpaper

diy coaster

diy coaster

Have fun with unique and interesting wallpapers by restyling them into diverse and original coasters. Experiment and get creative with this project!

7. Etched Monogram Tiles

Trying to think of an original and personalized gift for a close friend? Show how much you care by etching glass tiles with their initial and wrap them up beautifully.

8. Alcohol Ink

Have you ever tried painting with alcohol? It can be a lot of fun and have a pretty outcome! A wonderful gift for your teacher.

9. Nail Varnish

To get the wonderful marbled look this crafter has used nail polish, water, and a few key techniques! Check it out!

10. Natural Branches

Wood slices make a gorgeous idea for stunning natural coasters. These would also be wonderful out on the patio!

11. Painted Cork

Cork is a very versatile material that is easy to work with and pretty on the eyes. Have fun painting bright colors onto squares of cork to create bold coasters.

12. Scrabble Tiles

Any Scrabble fanatics out there? Well, my mom is a huge fan which is why I know she will love when I make her these charming DIY coasters!

13. Botanical

Got a steady hand? Test your painting skills with this DIY project! Vintage botanical paintings on delicate round coasters.

14. Woodgrain

Your friends will never believe you when you tell them that you made these woodgrain cork coasters all by yourself!

15. Leather Leaf

Looking to add a touch of autumn inside your house? Nothing says fall like a fallen leaf! Which is why these DIY coasters are perfect for that time of year!

16. Felt Doilies

Get out the felt and scissors and start cutting! The detail of these DIY coasters is what makes them so special.

17. Tree Stumps

A woodsy coaster for a woodland themed party or great for the backyard patio table to add a little handmade touch!

18. Geometric

As perfect as a beehive itself! These geometric DIY coasters are made out of felt and make wonderful gifts or a great addition to your office desk.

19. Stenciled Cork

I know these DIY coasters looks completely professional, but don't worry, the instructions will walk you through step by step.

20. Lacy

These sophisticated DIY coasters are decorated with a gorgeous blue lace and cut carefully into perfect circles.

21. Scented Hot Pad

Keep your coffee toasty warm with its own personal hot pad that not only keeps your drink warm but has a relaxing aroma!

22. Cedar Shims

These DIY coasters are made using recycled cedar shims and then painted wonderful soft colors! I love the orange!

23. Fun with Felt

Have fun with felt and experiment by combining bright colors and odd shapes to create something unique and custom!

24. Nautical

Looking for special nautical coasters for your lakeside cottage or beach home? Well, stop looking and start crafting!

25. Illusion

It's all an illusion! What you're seeing are cork hexagons painted stylishly to looks like 3-dimensional cubes! Love them!

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