Getting Started With Backyard Chickens (Interview With Lisa Steele) -

Getting Started With Backyard Chickens (Interview With Lisa Steele)

Backyard chickens are no longer the sole domain of seasoned farmers homesteaders. Nowadays, even city folks are buying chickens to eat healthier eggs.

But if you’ve never owned chickens, where should you start? That’s the subject of today’s edition of Off The Grid Radio. Our guest is Lisa Steele, a TV host and poultry expert who has written three books about backyard chickens. She also is the founder of Fresh Eggs Daily.

Lisa gives us advice for novices and then shares her best tips for veterans, too.


She also tells us:

  • How to feed chickens naturally – without breaking the bank.
  • Why she doesn’t trick chickens to lay more eggs during winter.
  • How to use herbs to keep chickens healthy.
  • Why she doesn’t refrigerate her eggs.
  • How many chickens one family should own.

We learned a lot from Lisa. You will, too.

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