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Heirloom Vegetable Seeds For Survival (Heaven’s Harvest)

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    When Spring comes, what seeds do you use? Do you worry if they are non gmo, or heirloom vegetable seeds?

    Or do you just grab the first thing that’s available at the local store and plant them? It’s easy enough to do, right? Just plant, harvest, and preserve. But, there has to be more to the seeds, right?

    Genetically modified means that the DNA from another plant or chemical is introduced into the seed, creating a whole new seed. This is most often done with commercial corn or soybeans. The Roundup DNA is injected into the seed, with the idea that the plant will produce its own pest control. The argument is that the farmer won’t have to spray as many chemicals on the plant as it grows. The controversy is that we really don’t know how safe this is for consumption, as long term studies have not been done.

    Hybrid seeds are the result of taking one plant and splicing another into it, thus creating a whole new plant. This can help create plants that are more disease resistant, yield better crops, and are more hardy against extremes in the weather. Hybridization is often done on farms, where farmers are in direct contact with the plants.

    The biggest problem with both of these methods is that neither one can produce quality seeds year after year.

    You can save the seeds from a hybrid tomato plant, for example, but they may not regrow. Thus, you are forced to buy new seeds each year. Spending a couple dollars on each pack may not seem like much, and right now, seeds are readily available.

    But, what happens if the seeds are NOT as available? What if you don’t have the money one year to buy your seeds? What do you do then?

    You want to be sure to invest in some heirloom vegetable seeds NOW.

    Heirloom generally refers to plants that produce their own seeds that are able to regrow another plant each year. Year after year, you can save the seeds and regrow your crops. As a matter of fact, there are some strains of seeds that have been in families for generations. The memories associated with the planting each year are just as priceless as the seeds themselves.

    Heirloom vegetable seeds are the best for a true survival garden. Heaven’s Harvest is one of the best sources of heirloom seeds. All of their seeds are non GMO seeds, that are heirloom seeds. Stored in a resealable pouch, the seeds themselves are good for up to 10 years. Their kits have a wide variety of seeds, and each pouch is FULL of them! They will “error” to your favor and include more than they say on the package as well.

    Just so you know, Heaven’s Harvest generously donated an emergency heirlom vegetable seeds kit for me to review. All opinions are mine though! Watch for future videos and posts showing how well they grow, and the harvest they produce!

    You can plant, harvest, save the seeds, and replant year after year! This will help you create the ultimate survival garden. Their neighborhood vegetable kit (get it here) contains enough non gmo seeds for you, your family, and to share with others! There are 24 different varieties of veggies to grow in this kit, from beets to watermelon.

    Looking to start your own CSA, or create the homestead garden of your dreams? This homestead kit has enough heirloom vegetable seeds to plant up to 10 acres of fresh, non GMO food!

    Learn more about finding a CSA near you by reading here

    Don’t want that many seeds to start? You can also buy individual packets of non gmo, heirloom vegetable seeds here!
    Their prices are very competitive, and when you factor in the savings of NOT having to repurchase seeds year after year, these are cheaper than buying them from the local hardware store. We planted some seeds from the turnip, tomato, and pepper packets the same day we got the bucket, and they were popping out within a couple days! Nearly 90% of the seeds planted germinated and are growing strong!

    The ONLY thing I don’t love about these seed packets is that they don’t include the growing times, dates to start, or how to plant info on the back. You know, the directions that help keep things simple. For example, “space the seeds 2 inches apart”, “start 4 weeks before final frost” etc. All of this information IS currently available online. So, I recommend taking some masking tape, finding the planting instructions for the seeds online, and writing them on the back of the packets. This may make it easier for you in the long run.

    Check out their website here and get your survival garden growing with all heirloom vegetable seeds today!

    Here I am, opening the seeds up for the first time, too! What heirloom vegetable seeds would you purchase for your survival garden? How do make sure they are non gmo? Be sure to pin this for later, too!

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