Hit A Dime Sized Target From 50 Yards -

Hit A Dime Sized Target From 50 Yards

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Could you hit a dime size target on a shooting range?

What about from 50 yards?

What about while someone is screaming at you?

What about on the street when some nut job is shooting into a crowd and maybe shooting at you?

Listen: being able to shoot when everything is going perfectly is a worthy skill. However being able to shoot accurately when shit hits the fan is the real test.

When you are in a position to save people’s lives you need to have the skills to stay calm and react.

Honestly, it usually takes years of professional training to get that kind of skill and confidence. However…

Shockingly simple training techniques and shortcuts just leaked by an active duty special forces operator are now preparing men for the worst case scenario in just days instead of years.

And I truly believe every honest man and upstanding citizen in this country has the duty to protect those who can’t protect themselves.

Arm yourself to stand up against the psychos and terrorists who want to tear our great country down

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