How We Support Our Homestead While Working From Home -

How We Support Our Homestead While Working from Home

To many folks, it might seem that we’re living the dream.

We have the land…. the cows… the garden.

And we’re entrepreneurs, which means Christian and I no longer have to drive to town and work for someone else.

Which means we basically just frolic outside all day long with the chickens and pick flowers, right?

Bwahahaha… I’m laughing hysterically over here– can you hear me? The first two sentences are true; the third one is most certainly not.

While it may appear outwardly that things just fall into place for us, or we woke up one day with our dream homestead and 2 functioning businesses, the reality is the road is always much rockier than it initially appears.

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There have been successes, but plenty of failures, too. And for everything we’ve figured out that does work, whether in the world of blogging, milk cows, or doTERRA, we’ve figured out twice as many things that don’t work.

I don’t talk a lot about the entrepreneur part of my life, because, well, this is a homesteading blog and I have a hunch that most of you are far more interested in how I raise meat chickens or make a pie crust, versus how I sent up my email newsletter.

However, last week on Instagram I announced I’d be doing a Q&A session on Youtube, and I was surprised that at least 50% of the questions that were submitted were related to blogging or doTERRA.

So today, I’m pulling back the curtain on this side of our life (which honestly, I love just as much as chickens and milk cows) and answering some of your questions. I’m covering everything from what camera I use, to how I started blogging, to how I keep our life organized. Watch below!

How We Fund Our Homestead While Working from Home

Top Video Takeaways:

  • Online business (no matter what kind) is ALWAYS morphing and shifting. You must be willing to adapt and adjust in your businesses to stay relevant.
  • It’s less about finding the perfect platform online, and more about refining your message/mission so you can speak clearly and effectively to the people you desire to serve.
  • If you’re looking to start a home business with minimal overhead and the potential to grow more quickly, I recommend doTERRA over starting a blog. I love blogging, but it can take YEARS to gain traction.

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