It’s Here! Introducing The Prairie Homestead Cookbook! -

It’s Here! Introducing The Prairie Homestead Cookbook!

I don’t believe it.

The day is actually here. And it’s surreal.

After over TWO YEARS of testing recipes, writing, photo shoots, editing, and more editing, The Prairie Homestead Cookbook is out in the world, and it’s already a bestseller in several different categories, even though it just hit shelves today!

This is the cookbook I wished I had when I first began to want to cook like a homesteader. The recipes aren’t overly fancy or complicated, and they call for simple ingredients that you’ll be find no matter how sparse your local grocery store may be.

You’ll find that the vast majority of the recipes feature ingredients you can likely grow yourself or source from local farmers– however– I provide plenty of ideas/options just in case you can’t grow anything yourself, too.

The Prairie Homestead Cookbook

And when you’re ready to take your homesteading to the next level, there’s an entire section in the back of the book that’ll help you learn how to grow your own veggies, herbs, and maybe even dairy.

“I just got the cookbook and flipped through it…I have never seen so much value packed into one book! I’m SO glad I bought it and can’t wait to go crazy using it! Thank you so much for all your hard work to put it together and get it out! I’m pretty confident it will become my hands-down favorite kitchen/farm resource! Been looking for this cookbook for years.” — Rebekah S.

I can’t wait for this baby of mine to go forth into kitchens all over the country and become dog-eared and splattered with flour and gravy. 😉

But this is more than just a cookbook for me– it’s a mission.

To me, from-scratch cooking is a statement. There’s something special that happens when you create. And produce. And learn skills that you previously didn’t know existed. In our push-button, automated world, intentionally choosing to make something with your own two hands proudly proclaims a purposeful choice of quality of life over convenience, and it empowers us in the process. And that’s what I love the very most about this homestead life. And why I’m bound-and-determined to share it with the world.

The Prairie Homestead Cookbook

And I need your help.

I’ve learned that for a book to make maximum impact, the first few weeks are the most crucial. There are a few ways you can help:

1. Get the book (if you already ordered your copy- THANK YOU!) You can grab it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, although if you have a local bookstore you love, please support them if you can! CLICK HERE to get a look inside the book and find a retailer.

2. Tell your friends! Share it locally and if you are on social media, please share a pic and post about it there, too. (And don’t forget to tag @theprairiehomestead when you do!)

3. Leave a review if you’re so inclined. Reviews help to signal retailers to share the book more, so if you would be willing to leave a short review on Amazon (verified purchaser reviews are the best), Barnes & Noble, or Goodreads, that would help so much!

The Prairie Homestead Cookbook

I know this online homestead tribe of ours is full of people who choose things that are harder, but better. You crave timeless practices rich with intention and meaning over cheap convenience. And you understand the value slow, old-fashioned practices bring into our very fast, very modern lives.

From the bottom of my heart, thanks for all your support. It means so much. ??

P.S. After you get your copy of the cookbook, don’t forget to take your order/receipt number over to to get instant access to a TON of homestead kitchen bonuses I created to go along with the cookbook!

The Prairie Homestead Cookbook

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