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Mason Jar Make Ahead Meals-Meals In A Jar

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    Getting your food storage pantry stocked with delicious, easy to prepare foods will make busy nights much easier. Just heat and eat is the key here. With all the easy to prepare foods you can make, it’s a great way to add healthy, quick prepared foods to your pantry. Meals, drinks, and desserts in jars are also a great way to get prepared for camping, hiking, or other outings without spending a lot of money.

    This is a great way to take dry foods bought in bulk and create something delicious for later use. What you are doing essentially, is creating your own groceries! Skip the boxed Hamburger Helper, or bagged cookie mix and go for something more healthy where YOU control the ingredients!

    How about gifts in a jar ideas for a neighbor, teacher, or friend? Healthy cookie mixes or drink mixes are always welcomed! How about for that new mom or bride? Send along a meal in a jar with a new kitchen towel and wooden spoon for a perfect present!

    Most of the jars should be vacuumed sealed, to ensure more air is taken out and storage shelf life is longer. If you don’t have a vacuum sealer, you can get one here from my affiliate partner. OR, you can seal them in the jar and rotate within 2-3 months. You can also store them in ziplock baggies, but be sure to get as much air out of the bag and use within 2 months. So, are you ready for some recipes to make some mason jar make ahead meals?

    Breakfast In A Jar Recipes

    Homemade Muffin Mix
    Pancake Mix
    Strawberry Coconut Granola
    Camper’s Eggy Delight
    Instant Flavored Oatmeals

    Easy Soup In A Jar Recipes

    Chili In A Jar
    Beef Barley Soup
    Cream Soup Mix
    Tomato Soup Mix
    Tortilla Soup

    Best Cookie In A Jar Recipes And Brownie Mix In A Jar

    Oatmeal Cookies
    Betty Crocker Copycat Cookies
    Fudge Brownies
    Blonde Brownies
    Tropical Mango Berry Cobbler (video)

    Drinks In A Jar Recipes

    Herbal Coffee Substitute
    Vegan Hot Chocolate
    Spicy Hot Chocolate
    Cappuccio Mix
    Fireside Coffee

    Breads In A Jar Recipes

    ButterMilk Biscuits
    Onion Roll
    Bread In A Bottle
    Baking Mix
    Cornbread Mix

    Seasonings In A Jar Recipes

    Taco Seasoning
    Ranch Dressing
    Sausage Seasoning
    Bleu Cheese Dressing
    Alfredo Sauce

    What mason jar make ahead meals are you going to try? Be sure to pin this later and follow our pin board for more meals in a jar ideas!

    Need some help getting back into the kitchen and cooking from scratch? Try this delicious collection of easy to make recipes to get you started!

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