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Plant these vegetable together to make the most use of space and deter pests

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    We are right in the middle of vegetable-planting season, the sun is shining, and we’ve wanted to grow our own veg for a while now, but the thought of knowing where to plant them, how far apart the different vegetables should be, and how long they need to grow can become daunting if you plan on doing more that one at a time.

    10 Things this Vegetable Growing Cheat Sheet will show you

    1. When to plant
    2. How far apart to plant seeds
    3. What needs propagating
    4. What needs to be in a greenhouse
    5. What size pot to plant in
    6. Distance to thin seedlings out to
    7. Germination & maturation times
    8. Which pests to look out for
    9. What veg works best together
    10. When to harvest!

    A guide developed by Anglian Home

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