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Seed-Starting Mistakes Even Smart People Make

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    For the beginning gardener, seed-starting can seem so easy. Place a few seeds in a pot of dirt, water them, and watch them grow. Right?

    If only it were that easy. As every gardener eventually discovers, seed-starting can be one of the most difficult parts of gardening.

    Seed-starting is the subject of this week’s episode of Off The Grid Radio, as we examine common mistakes and look at a few tricks that can help your seeds sprout. Our guest is Craig LeHoullier, the author of two gardening books: Growing Vegetables in Straw Bales and Epic Tomatoes: How to Select And Grow The Best Varieties of All Time.

    Craig tells us:

    • What type of soil to use.
    • How much light seeds really need.
    • What types of vegetables he starts early.
    • How to ensure you’re giving the seeds the right amount of water.

    If you’re a gardener, then this week’s show is for you!

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