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Stuffed Up Already? Try This Early Summer Sinus Solution

Before you run to the pharmacy, try this safe and effective early summer sinus solution.

With early summer allergies on the rise, lots of folks are looking for an early summer sinus solution to clear up the sinuses and get breathing again. So once you begin to notice mucus is starting to build up in your sinuses, consider a simple method called “nasal irrigation.” Some of our readers know this, but its always good to have a reminder when the sesaons change. It’s usually enough to deliver much-needed relief and in many cases the relief is rapid.

First, it’s important to understand that your nostrils are a necessary filtering system which not only removes smoke, dust, and other irritants, but they also warms and humidifies the air you breathe. When your nostrils start to become irritated or “blocked” and you begin to breathe through the mouth, you put a lot of unnecessary stress on both your bronchial tubes as well as your lungs.

OK, To irrigate your nostrils, dissolve one teaspoon of salt in 16 oz of warm water. A small amount of this can be placed in a small plastic inhaler jar and gently used as you would any inhaling mist to clear the nostrils.
If you have an inhaler, pour the entire 16 ounces of mixture into a fairly wide bowl. While bending forward, block one of your nostrils and set another below the water surface in the bowl. Very carefully, take the water in and gently pull it into the nostril until it’s possible to taste the salty solution trickling into the rear of your throat. Once your can tase it… blow it back out. (the fun part, right?) Repeat this process a few times with both nostrils for a great early summer sinus solution.

In addition , you might try some horseradish. I use it all the time in combination with nasal irrigation.

So before you go to the pharmacy to pick up your favorite nasal spray, give this a try. If you’re like me every time you use the over the counter stuff like Afrin, you get rebound addition or whatever its called from using too much. Truth is, sometimes I feel worse from using the over the counter spray than I do from the allergy.

Anyone else have any off-the-grid sinus remedies?

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