Well, Venezuela Is Done… -

Well, Venezuela Is Done…

Socialism has destroyed yet another country…

As I’m writing this, Venezuelans are eating dogs, cats and pigeons. The lucky ones get some supplies (after waiting in line for hours on end, that is). They may have water (rain water, I guess), but the food is gone, not to mention other supplies.

How did this happen in a country that has the largest oil reserves in the world?

The price of oil dropped, that’s how. But that doesn’t mean things were peachy before. They had troubles for years. Culprit? The socialist regime. High-level corruption murdered their country.

And I can’t help but wonder. Where will the US end up given the greed and corruption of the leftists coupled with the $20 trillion debt?

There’s only one thing we can do and that’s to stockpile. Stockpile food, water, tools, gear and everything else you and your family will need.

Get started today!

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