5 Best Rabbit Breeds For Raising Meat

5 Of The Best Rabbit Breeds For Meat

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If you are looking for the best rabbit breeds for meat, you have many options. Flemish Giants, New Zealand Whites, and American chinchillas are some of the most popular meat rabbit breeds. However, it is important to know that these are expensive breeds and may not be the best choice for beginners.

You will have to carefully research the best rabbit breeds for meat before making a final decision. Below is some basic information about each of these popular rabbit breeds.

Raising Rabbits For Meat Here Are The Best Breeds

American Chinchilla

American Chinchilla rabbit

The American Chinchilla is a hardy and low-maintenance meat rabbit. It has good growth rates and an excellent feed-to-meat ratio. The only downside to this breed is its large size.

It needs a large space to grow into full maturity. It is a friendly and docile rabbit, so it will need a lot of space. There are other disadvantages of this breed, but their quality makes them well worth the investment.

They are very good mothers and have very soft fur. The chinchilla is easy to handle. The chinchilla’s litter size usually varies between five and eight kits.

The Chinchilla is one of the best meat rabbit breeds. The golden one is an outstanding choice, with its distinctive orange tinge. It is a cold-hardy meat rabbit with a great meat-to-bone ratio.

The lynx color is a sign that a chinchilla is a superior meat rabbit. This breed is also very friendly and does well with children.

Flemish Giant

flemish giant rabbit

The Flemish Giant is another good choice if you’re looking for meat. It has a lower growth rate and is very good for butchering.

They have an even meat-to-bone ratio and are similar to the French Lop in appearance. Their fat content is similar to chicken, so they are ideal for frying.

Champagne D’Argent

Champagne D'Argent rabbit

The Champagne D’Argent is one of the oldest recorded rabbit breeds. Their history goes back to the 17th century. They are a great choice for homesteading and are easy to care for.

A Champagne d’Argent has deep hindquarters and a long ear. They are also excellent meat animals. These bunnies have large bones and are very docile. They are easily manageable and do not need a lot of space.

New Zealand white

New Zealand White Rabbit

New Zealand White Rabbits are among the most popular breeds in all of New Zealand. During their lifecycle, these meat rabbits can weigh up to 12 pounds. Kits can reach 8lbs at just eight weeks old or exceed this number!


Satin Rabbit

Satin Rabbits are known for their fur, lately, the meat of Satin Rabbits has become more popular. The meat of satin rabbits is dark and tasty, this new breed is bred especially for its high-quality patrimonial (breeding) characteristics.

They are very cold hardy rabbits and great for northern climates. The Satin Rabbit can live in an area where the temperature reaches -30 degrees Celsius. It has short ears, which implies that it will not get frostbite easily.

Is raising rabbits for meat worth it?

Although the amount of work required to raise a single pound is much lower than the capital costs of larger livestock, rabbits can be a good source of protein and other nutrients for your family. It is easy to care for the animals in your backyard, but it is important to be aware of common problems and disease risks.

As with any other farm animal, raising rabbits for meat is not cheap. Purchasing a few does and a buck can cost you thousands of dollars, but the investment is worthwhile. The first step in raising a rabbit for meat is learning how to care for the animals.

It is important to learn about local predators to ensure that your animals are safe. Once you have the basics down, you can start raising your own wholesome, healthy, and tasty meat.

While the initial cost of raising a rabbit flock can be high, it is well worth the money in the end. The cost per pound of meat will vary depending on the breed and number of rabbits. While one rabbit buck can service up to six does per day, two does and a buck are a more affordable way to raise a flock.

Although raising rabbits for meat is relatively simple, it can be expensive. In order to raise a good herd, you’ll need at least two females and one buck. Typically, a commercial processor will pay $1 to $2 per pound.

It is best to find a non-USDA processing facility that pays you a fair price for your meat and check with your state’s meat processors’ association to find the closest one.

You may decide to sell the meat to a butcher. You’ll likely need to sell some of your rabbits live. Some markets, such as Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, will pay you between $5 and $7 per pound.

So with a breed like the New Zeland White for example can reach 8lbs in as little as 2 months this could be pretty profitable depending on how many rabbits you have.

Is it legal to breed rabbits for meat?

While it is perfectly legal to raise your own meat rabbits, you should check local laws to make sure it isn’t against the law. Keeping a few pets is fine; however, raising rabbits for the purpose of meat has some stricter rules.

For example, some areas do not allow you to process the animal, which can be dangerous. If you plan on selling the rabbit meat, you should make sure to keep your pet rabbits quiet and out of sight.

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