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How to Make a DIY Solar Air Heater

Solar Air Heaters are an efficient, environment-friendly alternative to other heating sources.

What is a solar air heater?

A solar air heater collects the sun’s energy through a large, carefully designed collector on your roof or on the side of your house or building. On most days of the year, that energy is then transferred into your home to be used as free heating. The collectors can be made of aluminum-frame glazing or glass with a plastic film that traps heat by absorbing it and converting it to infrared energy.

The heated air is then captured, filtered, and distributed into the rooms of your house through a fan or blower which you can set to circulate the heat as needed. Solar air heaters collect energy from the sun’s rays during daylight hours and distribute it around your home at night.

Here are some benefits of solar air heaters:

-Solar air heaters save money and energy by using the sun to heat a home or building.

-Versatile – can be installed in homes, offices, and stores

-Accelerates indoor climate control processes including human perspiration and evaporation from plants

-Prevents the loss of humidity that causes dry skin and static electricity

-Aids in preventing mold and mildew growth by reducing the amount of moisture in the home

-It’s an easy way to decrease levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

-They also reduce your need for other types of heating systems, such as furnaces and heat pumps.

Although solar air heaters provide energy free from fossil fuels, they may not be practical for all homes or spaces. The space to be heated should have a reasonable amount of south-facing glass. The optimal position for installation is facing the winter sun at an angle of latitude plus 15 degrees.

Solar air heaters also can help to detoxify the air inside your home and increase the air quality which is very important for homes with asthma or allergy sufferers.

How to Build a DIY Solar Air Heater At Home

In the video below, you will discover How to Make a Solar Thermal Air Heater using Corrugated Steel Panels.

This design is the biggest (and likely the most powerful) solar air heater I’ve made.

during the testing, the unit heated air from 50F(10C) to 145F(63C) in only 6 mins! with the unit sustaining that temp – w/fan running full blast.

The fan is a 92mm 12v computer case fan (solar panel powered). It draws about 3 watts – so a 12v 5w (or larger) panel will run it strong all day.

To use the unit: just drop it in the sun *and pipe the flexible vent tube into the area you want to heat. A note about the build: to make it easy for anyone to build, every step is laid out in a “clear and orderly” fashion.

And to help jam-pack it with the most info, several segments are filmed in fast-motion. (so more info – in less time!).

items needed to build the DIY solar air heater:

the items needed are shown (in list form) both before AND after the build (the list shown after the build – in the last 30 seconds of the video – contains slightly more detail).

about the steel panels: the steel panels used were pre-cut and sold in 3-packs at home depot. the company name is amerimax. *you can, of course, buy those types of corrugated steel panels in bigger sizes and cut them down to match your needs (to match the size of glass you’re able to get).

I usually recommend that you first figure out what size glass panels you’re able to get *and then size the steel panel or panels accordingly.

The biggest piece of glass I can get (at a reasonable price) is 30″ by 36″ (from lowes). since they cut glass, I have them cut off 2.5″ which leaves a 27.5″ by 36″ glass panel *the perfect size for the pre-cut steel panels.

If you’re looking for ways to limit your carbon footprint or invest in renewable technologies, solar air heaters may be right for you! Solar Air Heaters are now gaining popularity as an alternative source of heating due to the awareness among people about the environmental impacts caused by fossil fuels including burning oil and gas that can emit a large amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

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