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7 Essential Plumbing Tools Every Homestead Needs

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In case of quick fixes and emergency repairs, it is crucial that you have some essential plumbing tools available in your homestead at all times.

This will help you fix small leaks and save your water bill or other minor plumbing emergencies. Fixing water leaks on your own can save you 10% on your water bill.

Emergency services also tend to be more expensive, so having tools available can save you costs. This way, you can get repairs done at reasonable prices at Easefix

There are various tools on the market, but it’s hard to keep an inventory of every single tool in existence. Keeping all essential tools at your disposal is the smartest move.

If you don’t know what plumbing tools you have to keep, here are seven essential ones that may come in handy for homestead emergency needs. 

1. Plunger

Plungers are one of the apparent tools, but if you didn’t know, it would always be essential to stop cloggings. You use them not only for unclogging toilets but also for shower drains and many other draining systems.

The good part about it is that it is super inexpensive and very simple to use. You can easily unclog a draining with simple methods of unclogging. You can even do this more often to prevent major clogs. 

2. Wrenches 

Adjustable wrenches are versatile and one of the most valuable tools for plumbing. There are two types of wrenches that will be good to have equipped with you.

The pipe wrench is a heavy-duty wrench for turning and gripping pipes. It has adjustable jaws, which makes it easier to grip and slide. The basin wrench has a long handle and jaws. Its purpose is to remove or tighten faucets or fill valve lock nuts.

It’s the perfect, useful tool whenever your sink requires emergency plumbing. 

3. Rubber Gloves

The usage of rubber gloves is often overlooked. They are a safety precaution and are essential while handling pipes or plumbing.

You are subjected to sharp objects, which is why you need to keep your wrists and hands protected from scratches or risking infections. It is wise to opt for heavy-duty gloves to protect yourself during plumbing issues.

Enclosed sink pipes or other plumbing systems tend to be unhygienic or rusted, so you should prevent yourself from getting cuts. 

4. Plumbing Pliers

Plumbing or slip-joint pliers can be a valuable addition to your plumbing kit. Plumbing pliers come with two sets of teeth which are beneficial for tricky plumbing problems.

They can also serve the purpose of bending small, hard-to-grip nails or bolts. Many of our tools are to resolve more significant plumbing issues, but there are also tiny nails that need handling, so the plumbing pliers are the best candidate to deal with all of those. 

5. Teflon Tape

Teflon tape, also known as thread seal or plumber’s tape, is very handy for water leak issues that you cannot fix immediately.

They are used as temporary fixes to prevent the risk of water wastage. Teflon tape can also fully resolve the problem depending on the severity of the leak or pipe breakage. You can solve small pipe leaks with the Teflon tape, while it can temporarily delay bigger leaks.

This is also useful when you cannot contact a professional immediately.

6. Drain Snake

A drain snake or a plumber’s snake’s primary purpose is to fix drainage issues effectively. Drain snakes are flexible augers that can dislodge clogs.

It is simple and can effectively help clear debris that builds up over time in your pipes, like hair or other cleaning products. They do the job without damaging your pipes. Showers and sinks tend to have trouble draining, and the drain snake can solve that problem.

7. Tape Measure

This might seem like the least essential tool, but you won’t believe how necessary it might be when the need for it arises. Taking incorrect measurements can have costly repercussions, especially with tighter spaces. This might lead your home plumbing to result in a leak or breakage.

Taking exact measurements is crucial to have everything work effectively. Tape measures can avoid the risk of mistakes that will cost you a lot to get fixed. 

To sum up

Plungers are essential for unclogging clogged toilets, which is a rampant issue in many households or homesteads. Wrenches are required for gripping pipes, tightening faucets, or filling valve lock nuts, depending on the type of wrench you are using.

Do not forget to equip some heavy-duty rubber gloves as a safety precaution. Pliers can assist you in bending or tightening nails or bolts that are generally hard to reach or get a grip on. A Teflon tape is required to seal leaks either temporarily or long-term, depending on the severity of the leak.

Your drain snake can fix drain issues in showers and sinks, so do not forget to add that to your plumbing kit. Finally, a tape measure to take accurate measurements is crucial for any plumbing job. 

We hope this article helped give you enough insight into the essential plumbing tools your homestead needs. Thank you for reading!

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