Kamikoto Knives Review - The Ultimate Buyers Guide

Kamikoto Knives Review – Are They Worth The Hype?

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kamikoto knives review

If you are on the hunt for a kamikoto knives review then you have come to the right place. Kamikoto knives are Japanese-made forged knives that bear a sharpness and durability that is hard to match. The quality of their knives is supreme, and they do not disappoint when compared to other higher-end brands such as Shun.

Kamikoto was designed by food lovers for food lovers. They aim to “compliment the kitchen” and that is exactly what they do. From perfectly balanced knives, sharp designs and a unique approach to functionality, Kamikoto knives will leave you speechless. And let’s not forget about their beautiful designs as well.

Who is behind kamikoto Knives?

Kamikoto is a premier Japanese cutlery company founded in 1948 by its namesake, Taro Kato. Mr. Kato was raised in Japan where he studied his craft under the tutelage of his father and grandfather who owned a cutlery shop. When asked why he decided to become a knife maker, he said “I was inspired by my father’s work and the rest is history.”

Kato decided to bring his family heritage of Japanese bladesmithing to America. So he moved to California where he began teaching the art of Japanese knife making. Soon after, Mr. Kato realized that there was a need for authentic Japanese cutlery here in America. At the time, the only available Japanese kitchen knives were cheap imitations that fell short in quality and often dulled easily. So Kamikoto was born to fill this void in the cutlery industry.

Before being sold nationally, Kamikoto knives were originally made exclusively for the chefs at exclusive restaurants such as Yamashiro, Valentino’s, and Wolfgang Puck’s Spago. This carried on until the demand for these knives became too high that they could no longer be hand-made by one man alone, Mr. Kato himself. So, he began making his line of Kamikoto knives in a factory setting alongside other professional cutlers under Mr. Kato’s supervision to maintain the high standards he has always held for his line of cutlery.

Our Kamikoto Knives Review

The reason that Kamikoto knives are especially popular is that they are sharpened to a 16-degree angle instead of the more common 20 degrees found in most Western knives making them sharper than even European knives.

Japanese Honshu Steel

They are made with harder metal which prevents their blades from chipping and dulling easily and also keeps them from becoming discolored over time. Kamikoto knives are made exclusively of the high-grade alloy called Blue Super steel which they claim has an open structure that facilitates the bonding between chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium (which gives this type of steel it’s hard edge) and also aids in the sharpening process. Blue Super steel is made to resist stains and rust, giving your knives a longer-lasting edge.

Another aspect that sets Kamikoto apart from other knife makers is their unique handle design. The handles are composed of cobalt-blue PakkaWood, which has been proven to be stronger, more durable, and more water-resistant than any other wood. The wooden handles are hand-finished with pakkawood oil, also serving to help protect the knife from stains and rust.

The word Kamikoto means literally “God’s hands” in Japanese which is based on a popular turn of phrase used by Master Kato himself when asked about his motivation for making his line of knives.

He said, “I feel it’s my destiny to make this knife.” And now you can have your own “God’s hands” in your kitchen with these fine knives available online or at any fine cutlery store.

Are Kamikoto knives full tang?

Yes. The blades on all Kamikoto knives are full tang- meaning that the blade and handle is one solid piece of steel instead of having the blade be only connected to the handle with a thin strip of metal as is common in most Western kitchen knives.

Although less popular, some people prefer this method because smaller parts can more easily break off causing the knife to become dull or unusable.

Another benefit of full-tang knives is that they are generally heavier than knives with partial tangs which can make it easier to chop through foods like hard squash and dense vegetables like potatoes whereas lighter weight knives may bend or tear.

Where are Kamikoto Knives made?

These knives are handmade in Seki City, Japan. The city of Seki is known to be the best cutlery-producing region in all of Japan and has been for well over 800 years when samurai swords were originally crafted there in the 1200s.

Kamikoto knives and their packaging proudly state that they are designed in California and Made in Japan. As we all know, Japanese-made products are known for their superior craftsmanship and attention to detail which is why these knives really do last beyond the average cutlery found on American market shelves.

What types of knives does kamikoto make?

Kamikoto offers a wide variety of different types of knives including santoku knives, carving knives, chef knives, and paring knives. In addition to these popular styles, they also offer a line of specialty blades such as the super slicer which is a thicker blade especially good for slicing large cuts of meat or even whole poultry. They also have a universal steak knife set made from 100% Blue Super steel that will never discolor or rust.

In addition to knives, Kamikoto also has a line of kitchen accessories including a ceramic honing rod and a stylish magnetic knife bar that allows you to store your knives vertically on the wall freeing up counter space along with a few other fun items for those who enjoy cooking as much as they love sharp things.

When it comes to kitchen knives, the old saying is true: You get what you pay for. Rest assured knowing that your new Kamikoto knife will be around to cut asparagus and slice meat long after all those other budget-friendly options have been relegated to cutting celery. And if it ever does dull, they also offer a lifetime sharpening service that will return it to its former glory for free with proof of purchase.

Kanpeki Set

kamikoto kanpeki knife set

The Kanpeki knife set includes three knives that are perfect for cutting meats, fish, vegetables, and meats. The set comes in a beautiful wooden box with a certificate of authenticity. The blades are corrosion resistant and the company offers a lifetime warranty on these products. If you like traditional Japanese knives this is a great option for you.

The Kanpeki Knife set comes in a beautiful wooden box. You can keep them safe while not in use and store them without worrying about any damage.

The knives are corrosion-resistant, perfect for those who have a busy life and don’t enjoy cleaning as much as they should.

If you buy this set you also receive a free certificate of authenticity. This is a great option if you have friends or family members who appreciate beautiful hand-crafted items!

Senshi knife Set

kamikoto senshi knife set

The Senshi Set is a great option if you’re looking to expand your arsenal. This set includes the most popular knives that Kamikoto offers, along with an antibacterial cutting board that will help ensure that your new blades stay sharp.

Santoku knife

kamikoto santoku knife

The Santoku knife is the most commonly used knife in Japan. This blade shape originated from the traditional Japanese peasant’s knives, and this style has been widely adopted in different cuisines all over the world.

For many home cooks, the #1 priority when they buy a new knife is how it feels when cutting. The weight, the steel, and the grip of a chef knife can make or break anyone who is not familiar with using them. With Kamikoto knives you know that these features will be perfect for your needs.

Not only is this knife aesthetically stunning, but it performs great as well. The Damascus steel blade goes through an extensive process of folding and hammering where the blade becomes strong yet lightweight.

What are the differences between their different lines of knives?

Each product line has its own strengths and weaknesses. Whether you’re looking to prepare sushi, sashimi, or any type of traditional Japanese dishes the Masakage Yuki set is a great option. This collection will give you all of the basics that you need for your culinary adventures.

The Kanpeki Set comes in a beautiful wooden box. This is a great option if you are looking to buy several knives at once, or you have friends and family members who appreciate beautiful handmade items!

The Senshi Set comes with the most popular Kamikoto knives along with an antibacterial cutting board that will help ensure your new blades stay sharp.

If you are looking for something less traditional, might I suggest the Masakage Yuki collection? These beautiful knives take inspiration from ancient blades and fuse them with 21st-century technology to bring you a knife that is both aesthetically stunning and top-performing.

Conclusion: Should I buy Kamikoto Knives and is Kamikoto Knives worth it?

So if you’re looking for a new knife that will change the way you cut, look no further than Kamikoto. They offer products that are not only extremely high-quality and effective but also beautiful and stylish as well. With products like these in your kitchen, cooking has more appeal than ever!

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