10 Amazing Self Sustaining Off Grid Homes You Must See

Self-sustaining off grid homes are built to become more environmentally conscious. They generate their own power, have a water supply that can be used for both drinking and growing food crops, grow their own fruits and vegetables within the home or nearby land space, and they stay cool in warmer months while still remaining warm during colder seasons.

There are many people who dream of living off the grid, but for those with a bigger budget and space to spare it is now possible. Self-sustaining homes can be designed in such a way that they require no outside help or assistance from utilities like electricity and water service providers.

The most efficient self sustainable home designs will have solar panels on their roofs that generate enough energy for all your needs; passive heating systems using natural light as well as heat retention materials; rainwater harvesting systems that filter out any impurities before storing clean drinking water underneath the property’s flooring insulation layer; and self-sufficient gardens which allow you to grow any kind of produce you need.

How much does a self sustaining house cost?

As with any self sustaining home, the actual cost will vary depending on how self-sufficient you want to be. The average self sustaining house though will start at around $100,000 for a basic setup.

Is it possible to live completely self-sufficient?

How many people have said they wanted to be self-sufficient?

If you were told that it was possible, what would your reaction be? Would you go out and buy a self sustain home right away, or would you research extensively before making any decisions?

If self sustenance is so popular in the media, doesn’t it make sense for everyone to want one of these self sustaining homes? Many self sustaining homes lack self sustenance because their owners do not know how to self-sustain them. With proper care and maintenance, though, even the smallest off grid house can become completely self supporting.

There are various types of off grid houses , on this list you’ll find anything from solar powered houses in Montana to windmill owned housing in Kansas.

These self sustaining homes are examples of self-sufficiency and popular home types that can be found across the United States.

Following are ten self sustaining off grid homes that will give you a better idea of what this type of house can be like once built, as well as the benefits and costs associated with self sustainable home designs.

In some cases self sustainable houses have been turned into self sustaining properties by the homeowners themselves. In other cases they have been designed and built from scratch with self sustainable homes in mind from the very beginning of the construction process:

Next let’s take a look at 10 amazing self sustaining homes you must see.

1. Earthship self-sustaining home

Earth ship self-sustaining homes are self contained self sustaining homes, made from recycled materials at a net zero energy cost to the resident. This means you can live off the grid with free electricity and water. The self-sufficient home has running water, power, cooling all powered by solar electricity and waste products providing natural fertilizers for food production. No utility bills!

2. Sustainable Walden self sufficient home

This is a sustainable living self sufficient off grid eco house located in Virginia which runs entirely on renewable energy systems; solar photovoltaic panels provide power to run geothermal heat pumps for heating and cooling , solar thermal panels for hot water as well as wind turbines and a lot of insulation. The self-sufficient home is self sustaining through solar power during the day, when self sufficient methods are used for heating and lighting at night

(see image below).

3. Hobbit House self-sustaining home

hobbit house

The hobbit house self sustainable off grid eco house is a newly built self-sufficient mansion located in central Oregon, USA. This self sustaining off grid eco house has geothermal heating and cooling powered by wind turbines as well as solar panels. It’s basically a mini self contained sustainable village which due to high energy efficiency should be able to provide for its resident without him ever having to leave his property.

4. Garden shed self sustaining home

This is an amazing self sustaining off grid eco house that is self-sufficient through self-generation of solar electricity and passive solar systems for heating, while harvesting rain water. The self sustaining home was hand built in a shed by (the self sustaining off grid home site’s owner) – which he made self sufficient by installing solar panels which extend over the front roof, wind turbines on the front roof as well as an automatic backup generator and lots of insulation .

4. A self-contained sustainable country estate

The self-sufficient off grid eco home is located in California and it’s an amazing sustainable country estate, built from recycled materials with geothermal cooling and heating powered by wind turbines. This self-sustaining luxury family home has plenty of space to live self-sufficiently self sustaining for generations.

5. The self-sufficient luxury off-grid self sustaining home

The self-sustaining off grid eco home was built by the self-sufficient off grid home site’s owner in the summer of 2007 and it is one of the nicest, most energy efficient self sustainable homes available for sale today with sophisticated solar electricity panels and wind turbines as well as a backup generator to provide power without utility bills . This luxury self contained self sustained eco friendly house can be yours and run off grid for free!

6. Self sufficient / Sustainable Hobbit cottage

This is an amazing self-sustaining off grid eco house that has been constructed using recycled materials, not least the self-sustainable home builder’s own recycled materials, and is self sustaining through self-generation of solar electricity and passive systems for heating while harvesting rain water. The self sustainable off grid eco house was made self sufficient by installing solar panels which extend over the front roof, wind turbines on the front roof as well as an automatic backup generator and lots of insulation .

7. Passive Solar Home

self-sustainable off grid self-sufficient eco home. This self sustainable luxury house was made self sufficient by installing solar panels which extend over the front roof, wind turbines on the front roof as well as an automatic backup generator and lots of insulation. The self sustaining off grid eco home has a composting toilet in the bathroom and rain water harvesting for drinking water (see image below).

8. Stone cottage self self-sustainable off grid self-sufficient eco home .

This self sustainable luxury house was made self sufficient by installing solar panels which extend over the front roof, wind turbines on the front roof as well as an automatic backup generator and lots of insulation. Many modern high tech appliances provide super efficient comfort with this self sustained off grid home, including self sustaining hot water and self sustaining air conditioning (see image below).

9.  Straw Bale House

Straw bale construction is the practice of using straw to form the structural elements of a building, rather than conventional materials like wood or concrete. It is considered one of the most natural and sustainable ways to build low-impact self-sufficient off grid homes.

This house in San Diego’s Barrio Logan neighborhood was built by self sufficient off grid living enthusiasts Jordan Kittelson and Lily Campbell as a demonstration project for Strawbale Studio , an organization dedicated to advancing straw bale construction techniques around the world. For this self sustaining off grid home, which they built on top of a foundation made out of commonly found objects such as water bottles, milk cartons and more, they mixed hay with adobe clay mud to create their own

10.  Treehouse


A self sustaining treehouse in the wilderness sounds like something straight out of a fairy tale, but this is very real. This self sustaining self self-sustaining treehouse was constructed in the forests of British Columbia. The self sustainable self self-sustainable home is situated on top of an old decommissioned telephone pole, and is nestled between the surrounding trees.

The self-sustaining off grid eco friendly homes we’ve highlighted are just a few of the self sustaining houses that we have found. The owners of these energy efficient self sustainable enivro friendly houses built their own  with expert help from professionals or they purchased a prefabricated one which was constructed for them by an experienced and reliable company.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of self sustained housing on our site that will fit into any budget or lifestyle. No matter if your goal is to be completely off grid self sufficient sustainability while living in luxury, this post should have given you some fantastic ideas about how to do so! Let us know which self sustain home caught your eye (or maybe more than one!) and let’s discuss how we might work together towards achieving your goals. We’re eager to hear from you!

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